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Finally a new single

contrary to what many people thought back in 2008 when he first had a little beard,I thought he looked hot with it,and I think he looks even hotter now,so I'll be more than happy if he has it in al least one  pv
now about the new single,I am so excited to hear it//see the PV's.I can't wait to see what they have in store for us this time,especially for L'et's get it on they better have girls for this oneXD
I'm really  glad they've chosea a midtempo/ballad song as the main A-side,variety is good,and it's been a while since they've had a slower main track
seems like the guys are bussy these days,they just finished filming a PV,they need to start rehearsals for the Yokohama con,and Keita needs to prepare for his musical



I know it's no longer his bithday in Japan,but in my country it's still 18.11 so I want to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most awesome riida in the world : )
also this made me smile so much ''Thank you for all fans. I'm good luck that for people. #happybdayryohei ''
his english is just so cute,I think he wants to say he's lucky to have that many people support him or something.He certainly advanced since his 'My name is Korea' lol
I don't have that much time now,but I'm gonna make a picspam in the following days XD


Don't wanna try

I couldn't buy The GOLDEN no money but I kinda regret it now,everyone loves that DVD
 So I finally got the chance to hear Keita's solo
his voice is great,and I love the song but the english is kinda ?!?! but maybe I expected too much from him
,cuz in another fanrecorded version he sounded a lot better,and I could understand all of what he's saying 

 he's spending too much time with Ryu cuz sometimes he has a british accent XD
other than the  english  which is not that bad,he kind of lost it at the chorus the performance is SO SOOO GOOD,he put so much feeling into this,that even with just the audio I wanna go there and give him a big hug
I'll like to listen to him sing this song now,after he had more english lessons
but I really applaud him for his effort,good job KK,I expect more english songs from now on
you can listen the song here


Ryu and his dad

they look more like brothers,so cute XD but Ryu you're so black lol

well now we can see why Ryu's so hyper,he got that from his dad
and I see that the amazing hair runs in the family XD
I'm not sure how old his dad is I remember readinfg he was in the 50' but maybe I got that wrong,but he looks so young nee ^_^


KK and fancams

Well it's been a while since I last updated,but  school takes almost all my time and when I came home I just want to sleep.The program is really messed up,3 days  I spend all day at school tuesday I have 11 hours classes and one hour break wtf,The good think is that it only takes me 30 minutes to get there but sometimes I have to wait a lot for the bus.What bothers me is that on Wednesday I only go to school for 2 hours and I have fridays off,I just wish they would have balanced the program more,I can't focus on last classes cuz I'm just so tired ) :

oh Keita,you never change XD
I'm not sure if anyone saw the fancams of the guys so I'm just gonna put this here scroll through their channel
coseofyou1016 everyday with fans singing it is just so beautiful
I was lucky enought and saw many fancams the fans put on tudou/youku,but they deleted them afterwards
Someone even posted almost the entire concert 109 minutes of it to be specific
another audiocam of Forever memories ,I guess that we'll just have to listen to this since KK was crying in Budokan
From what I've seen my favorite performance would probably be  Prayer .Some more is great too.You can watch more here


Nothing is impossible

Because this deserves another post sadly there is no sound,but it probably saved our ears 

*_* HQ fancam

good job guys : )
It is ''glad for me'' to see it lol I'm kinda sad KK is not goona use it is glad for me from now on,I thought it was so cute when he did it


Hello Mr Muscle

I bet this was Keita's favorite part of the concert cuz he got to show off his muscles  XD
where's the ''I'll treat you nice and slow'' I was looking forward to it
and lol at the end Ryuichi got jelous of Kei and showed that he has muscles too
hot dance *_*


Model Kei

So KK modeled  for VANQUISH
kkk20048010810524953.jpg picture by ruisa3
his face look so thin or maybe it's just the lighting but he did lost a lot of weight lately ):
I want chubbyKei back
more pics hereCollapse )



amazing performance is amazing *_*
his voice+piano=love
you can feel so much  tension and anticipation at the end
and now comes the best part
you know you want to see itCollapse )
I can't wait for the DVD *_*



the sound quality is not that good,but omg KK you are so cute
most of them are just for audio,cuz the video quality is pretty bad
Super lover
paradox Keita's voice cracking is just so cute
when he started singing I was like awww cuz I've been listening to the 2001 version a lot these days.His voice changed a lot since then nee? and the dancers are doing the original dance,so cute
everyday  this version is just so soooooooo beautiful I could listen to it forever
it's a lot better than the original version,and KK voice is just asdgsdygdyasfggdfghghg,he was meant to sing these type of songs
Now you're gone aka KK on the piano.I want a clear fancam of this so bad
new world+rif it's just GD RyoRyu and you and Keita sounds a lot better than in the Budokan perfomance.At the and it's a bit of Re:vision
intercode+new world superbad quality
MC1 , MC2 the chinese fans love them so much
and this is  my favorite fancam  where Ryu says he loves Keita XD and then Ryohei follows,and then Ryu says he loves Ryo basically it's the MC where the members declare their love for each other
Ryo look so embarassed when everyone is calling his name lol and KK keeps pushing fans to do it and Ryuis loling so hard  and because Ryohei doesn't know what to do HE STARTS  BREAKING XD
and then Keita does a flair is this how it's called? 
they shouls do a DVD only with the MC,that would be epic